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Brooke Gemmell

Tips & Tools: A Visual Designer’s Mini-Guide to Virtual & Hybrid White-boarding

Do you find yourself swimming against the tide through a sea of digital templates? Are you struggling to make effective & accessible interactive experiences for design thinking sessions? Have you been grappling with translating materials back and forth through the hybrid wormhole? As a designer by training and a design-thinker by trade, let me help you create virtual workspaces that can relieve some of the tension caused by producing virtual materials. I will cover basic design principles and methods that I regularly apply to my Miro boards, including strategies for streamlining production for hybrid workflows, and will share a Miro cheat sheet that participants can adopt for themselves.

About Brooke

Brooke Gemmell (she/her) is a Design Technologist at UConn’s Greenhouse Studios, an interdisciplinary research unit which aims to reframe the workflows of collaborative scholarly production. Though she is trained as a designer & creative generalist, Brooke believes that her greater calling is in the development of the people around her and is wholly energized by the successes of her mentees and peers alike. She holds an M.A. in Digital Media & Design and a B.F.A in Studio Arts. When she isn’t at UConn, she is riding horses, chasing her toddler around, and asking if she can pet your dog.

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