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Dr. Jannick Friis Christensen

Featured Workshop: Engaging in Norm-Critical Design Thinking

This workshop is based on a lab format that combines reflexive processes of norm critique with action-oriented elements from design thinking to produce novel ideas for diversity and inclusion efforts in organisations (Christensen et al. 2021; Guschke and Christensen 2021). Norm critique, in a sentence, means to critically attend to the normative processes and practices for organising that reinforce inequalities through implicit expectations of conformity. Participants will be guided through different stages of a norm-critical exercise for the purpose of experiencing first-hand, reflect upon, and discuss what norm critique ‘does’ and why it is relevant to design thinking. 

About Jannick

Jannick Friis Christensen, PhD, is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Copenhagen Business School and Theme Lead for gender and sexuality in the CBS Diversity and Difference Business-in-Society Research Platform. Focusing on norm-critical approaches to organising and researching diversity, Jannick has in recent years studied conventional work organisations from queer perspectives in collaboration with Danish labour unions. He also engages with alternative organisations such as Denmark’s Roskilde Festival at which he has explored the phenomenon of transgressive behaviour as well as practices for creating diverse and inclusive volunteer communities. His current project investigates the civil-religious public ritual of Copenhagen 2021 World Pride and its wider socially integrative potential through corporate collaboration, taking a particular interest in the organisational learning of partners and sponsors in relation to LGBT+ workplace inclusion, pinkwashing, and rainbow capitalism. 

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