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Lindsay Smith

Tips & Tools: Level up your brainstorming with the 6 3 5 Method

Help your participants develop their ideas using a design thinking tool that requires collaboration, time constraints, and ideation! The 6 3 5 method is perfect for any group wanting to further develop their identified ideas. It entices us to use a cross-disciplinary approach as we brainstorm on each participant’s ideas. Applications might include a staff team looking to develop their top three ideas for solving a problem, a group of entrepreneurs looking to get insight and contributions from others for their minimum viable product, or a marketing team looking to evolve their positioning and promotion.

About Lindsay

Lindsay Smith is currently an instructor in the Social Innovation, Community Development, and Indigenous Social Enterprise Programs at Red River College Polytechnique in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She brings industry knowledge from working with those experiencing homeless, international development, and community education. Passionate about market-based intervention, design thinking, and social innovations, Lindsay applies the tools from her BA, majoring in Global Political Economy (University of Manitoba), and her Executive Management of Business Administration (Royal Roads University) to social issues at home and abroad. She would love to hear from anyone interested in using design thinking for social innovation!  

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