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Rhonda Webster

Tips & Tools: Design Thinking Mindset

Teams embarking on their design thinking journey are often on edge, hesitant, and fearful of being vulnerable in its ambiguity. Shockingly, my charm and wit are not enough to relax the group, make them trust the process, and embrace the experience with pure enthusiasm. Successful design thinking requires vulnerability, but the fear of being vulnerable can lead to disengagement. In this session, I will share how I guide teams through an interactive activity connecting them with their motivations, inspirations, and purpose. This process helps participants set aside inhibitions and create a mindset that leads to deeper involvement with the design thinking process.

About Rhonda

Founder and CEO of Suite 101

Rhonda is a serial entrepreneur, trusted advisor, and mentor serving clients for the past 25 years. She has had the privilege of working with other entrepreneurs in launching, expanding, and improving their social and business ventures.

The empathetic focus of design thinking aligns with her personal value that empathy is key to creating deeper understandings which are necessary for successful and purposeful growth. She assesses, designs, and implements processes to improve organizational productivity. It is here where design thinking flourishes as it unites logic and creativity, freeing us to reimagine problems and solutions. Rhonda is an alumnus of Royal Roads University Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management where design thinking is woven into the core of its program.

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